Top 5 Android Tips which you should know in 2017

Best Android Tips and trick to know how its use

Android is the largest operating system to use all over the world. Every people use this operating mobile phone. It’s easy to operate every android smart phone have some new and amazing feature every year. Friends you know best tips finder always provide you best tips so here we sharing some amazing Android Tips and trick for all smart phone which you should know if you are using Android phone. If you using this Tips you can better fell to android. I provide which tips this Android tips are working all android mobile doesn’t matter which version you are use.

This Android tips are the best tips 2016-2017. If you want use new and amazing android tips so this useful article for you and I also provide essential Android smart phone secret code for every android user. Lest go watching your best android tips and trick.

Best Android Tips and Trick is given bellow

I aging said that this android tips and trick will work all android operating system not working iso system you can use any android device Mobile, tablet, Smart TV etc.

Tips to use Multiple Gmail account in Android

How to create open your gmaill account
How to create open your Gmaill account

Yes friend if you want you use multiple Gmail account for you Android phone. Android phone cannot use properly if you don’t have any Gmail account. its help to download app to play store, use email check many more that way sometime you use many Gmail or multiple Gmail account so follow below the step how to add multiple Gmail account one android phone

choose your gamil account and sing in new
Choose your gamil account and sing in new
  1. Firstly Go to setting option and open >> Click Account >> Add Account >> choose Google account
  2. You will see two option one is setup new and one is existing account >> choose New
  3. Now put down details and use new Gmail id to use all Google android service. Install app to play store.

After logging one account now you use many more Gmail account to one android phone.

How to setup Mobile Internet Data Limit in Android mobile

Some time we recharge 100 MB data after use this date then our main balance from deducting if you forget to turn off our mobile data because many app such as facebook, whatsapp etc running take some small amount of data. For deducting this balance you have to set you mobile phone data limit. if you setup this Mobile Internet Data Limit in Android when your data end your data connection is automatically disconnect. So follow bellow step to set up data limit in android.

Mobile data uses setting and Chang to data limit.
Mobile data uses setting and Chang to data limit.
  1. Firstly go to open setting.
  2. Here you see data usage option
  3. Go to click on it and setup your own data limit.
  4. All most done! Now enjoy.

When you cross your data limits then your data connection automatically turn off.

Disable Automatic App updates from play store app

Sometime ago I discuss how to use multiply Gmail account to use Google play store Now discuss how to off Automatic update app from play store. This Android Tips is very useful for all Android users. Above Best Tips Finder discuss sometime you recharge by any amount of MB but when data limit end then deducted our main balance also sometime this Automatic app updates end our mb our end fast. Because many app are connecting net to auto updates this app is updating because their new version. so disable this app updates in play store and save your data. Follow bellow instruction.

Play store automatic update app disable
Play store automatic update app disable
  1. Firstly go to play store app and open.
  2. Then Open setting carefully.
  3. Click on Auto Updates.
  4. Choose Do no-auto Update or wifi.

Turn off on Auto Correction Apps in Android Phone

Turn off on Auto Correction Apps in Android Phone
Turn off on Auto Correction Apps in Android Phone

Another important Best tips Finder provide useful android tips many times you type anything from of android keyboard automatically many word are corrected. No see how to disable this feature to don’t disturb you.

Turn off on Auto Correction
Turn off on Auto Correction
  1. Go to settings options
  2. Then bellows click Navigate to language and input.
  3. Click on setting which you will see in language and input option.
  4. Here you will get many features search auto correction option from it
  5. Now turn off this feature. Which you are need.

Some essential Android secret codes

Android phone have some secret code to use shortcut setting also best tips. It very much useful to quick work and magic Android Tips. You have Dial this code in your phone dialer and enjoy.

  1. How to check Your Android device IMEI Number just dial this code- *#06#
  2. How to format your Android device just Dial this code – *2767*3855#
  3. How to check Android Ram version Dial this code – *#*#3264#*#*
  4. How to check Information about Android camera – *#*#34971539#*#*
  5. Check information about Android battery & usage *#*#4636#*#*
  6. Hoe to check Android battery status Dial this code *#0228#

You use this code and quick work to your android phone.

If you follow this Best Android Tips you must benefits and enjoying amazing features of android phone. If any kind of problem please comments given bellow best Tips finder Team solve your any android phone problems.

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