OnePlus 3T Review: A slightly better OnePlus 3 for slightly more money


Being told to never settle is a order in 2016 but one plus spent the last three years proving that you don’t need to break the bank to expect more just four months after the release of the oneplus 3 the company decided that it could up the ante yet again for the holidays. Last time I discuss Google pixel and pixel XL Review and Google pixel price. Now it is time for our full onePlus 3T review.

What do you call a beautiful phone that’s running all the latest and greatest hardware? That can power android we mostly melodies a swag ships but in the case of oneplus this is more rebellious then anything the company prides itself and launching flagship killers using the price tag as its main go to market strategy and so fir that has actually worked.


I have to admit this is my first time actively testing oneplus unit and let’s just say that the oneplus 3T has me very impressed. Visually the onepluse 3T is identical to the three and that’s the main point of marvel see this phone weighs exactly the same as its predecessor but sports thirteen percent more battery the guts are now more powerful than snapdragon 801 processor and six gigs of ram along with storage option than go from 64 228 gigabytes There’s still no expandable storage but options for two sim cards continue in this new variant there’s a new sapphire lens cover protecting the 16 megapixel shooter that’s now improved with GIS support for the old OIS and the new 16 megapixels selfie camera with improve low-light performance oneplus 3T  . If you are like the new gunmetal color option yes that’s also a new change.

oneplus 3t specs 



SoC       Snapdragon 821 (2.35GHz)
RAM       6GB
Storage       64GB, 128GB
Display       5.5-inch 1080p Optic AMOLED
Camera       16MP f/2.0 rear with enhanced EIS, 16MP f/2.0 front  camera
Measurements       152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35 mm, 158g
Software      Android 6.0.1 with updated OxygenOS
Battery         3400mAh with Dash Charge
LTE       1/2/4/5/7/12/17/30 (NA)

Design and display

Everything else remains the same I joined one in the opinion of the 5.5 inch 1080p optic amoled display is in our favorite and the speaker design and placement could use a little more originally to avoid muffling but that would be nitpicking my week with the oneplus 3T has led me to one of the most delightful experience. I have had with an android phone and the build quality and felling the hand play a major role in this now to be honest with I have like most about this phone is the software we noticed that my launcher bears a striking resemblance to the pixel that because oxygen OS is a customization dreamboat. Oneplus actually knows how to make circular folders look good and the option for circular icons is far more standard that we see from Google.


I also lovely approach from the soft keys you can customize every single thing they do want to swap their order go right ahead do you prefer soft keys instead of hardware. Yes you can do that want to launch the camera with a long press go ahead want to quickly multitask to your old application like you can in nougat yeah you can. Want to call the notification shade with a button this phone won’t stop you the notification shade also has the new good approach of primary icons at the top that are customization as well. There’s even a functional always on mode. That triggers whenever you hover your hand. No there is no Google assistance but you can set your home button to press and hold for Google now search and I even said double tap on the home button for now on tap.

About the only thing missing a split window multitasking but everything else. Best oneplus 3t this is by far one of my favorite launchers hands down. I have been using the oneplus 3T for a week in New York City and on Buddhist and this phone is a beast powers through software without a stutter and it place graphics intensive games like flagship should. Now phone calls on either sim slot are what I had call average the problem is that. This is not the loudest earpiece that I have ever heard but I would not call the worst either.

oneplus 3T super Powerful Batteryoneplus3t-battery

Battery Life is also very pleasing I mostly tested the oneplus 3T with just one percent card and pretty much lasted though a day moderate to heavy use and I do love that charging every single time as you do get up a full day of use for just 30 minutes on a charge.



The camera experience is also proven to be relatively good for a phone in this price range during the day we have got deep color saturation and contrast on photos and low light I cannot say this camera does hold its ground in comparison to some of the other flagships that it is trying to kill video stabilization also proves to improve comparison to the experience of the oneplus 3T Which I found to be great.

oneplus 3t camera pictures
oneplus 3t camera pictures

About the only spot where I am not really impressed are in the improvements in the salfie ground mainly because it was extremely hard to get a stable shot in the light. I am not sure this has to do with a software problem or anything but sadly camera is not what I would call impressive with knowledge improvements and low light. Overall even with the things that anent really perfect I have to admit that I am very impressive with my experience using oneplus 3T.


Various Reasons I had never really had the opportunity to test the oneplus in the past but this is one phone that I am really going to struggle moving away from. You have got great build quality one of the best launcher. I have ever tested for android a very good camera experience and price tag that’s just really hard to beat for everything you are getting really the closest competitors to all these specifications is a whopping 220$ dollar more expensive and I can’t really say that it is better than the oneplus 3T.

oneplus 3T Overall performance
oneplus 3t Overall performance

I highly recommended you buy this phone because this is one of those experience you just won’t be able to understand unless you really give it a try.

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