How to Make Facebook Single Name-Step by Step (with pictures)

Facebook is the largest social network all over the world where people day by day increase facebook audience. All man with our friends and family update status every hour. Facebook popular day by day because it has thousand of different features which facebook is very much popular and looking amazing.


Face book developer keep trying some tips to provide proper service. Last time I show you how to open a facebook business page easily and proper way. Some time some people choose a facebook single name this article is yours. I give you an easy step facebook tips to change your Name single.

How To Make facebook single name?

This step is so much easy just follow my instruction you can easily make your facebook single name. You can change any browser such chrome and Mozilla. I recommended you search Google Hola proxy extension. It’s easy to use and free no sing in problem.


Step 1: Fast log in facebook account and open the Hola extension add on then select the country Indonesia it will automatically implementing proxy.


Step 2: After Doing Indonesia Proxy reload your facebook home page. Make Facebook single name now it’s time to create facebook single name. Open your facebook account setting then change your language to Bahasa Indonesia.



Now Go to your user name and remove your last name then click to review change bottom. Give password and now change your name .You make your own facebook single name. When all work is ok Turn off Hola and go to language back to English (US) or according to your choice.

This is best facebook tips to make facebook single name its proven tips if you face any problem regarding this tips feel free to share your problem our comment section we will be glad to help you.


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