Google Penguin Update and SEO Tips By Google’s Gary Illyes

Penguin Questions & Concerns cleared up: an Interview with Google’s Gary Illyes Best SEO Tips for Google penguin update 2017

google penguin update 2017 and SEO tips
Google Penguin update and SEO tips

Hi my name is Brenda Tourism here with search engine journal I am joined today by Gary yes chief of sunshine and happiness at Google. Welcome thank you for joining us this morning for having me.

  1. There is been a lot of discussion on I don’t know a lot of discussion but there is been some decent discussion recent about penguin becoming more of a part of the you know the everyday algorithm the live algorithm and I wanted to ask you coming from you know the google site of things when you look at penguin today and you think about webmasters out there you know tiring to you know do their best to ted here to the rules and what not.”What did they really need to be considerate of or to think about when you are thinking about penguin and how it is it is going to impact them in today is SEO”

Answer: I think with this really something when we did achieve something really nice because it doesn’t like traditionally weapon algorithms used to demote beside even entire site that’s not the case anymore with being with this penguin release managed to or can in fact this card links that are in our bed that’s the one of the nicest changes in the spring release max it can be way more granular then the previous releases as I said our previous release usually demoted whole site while this one can even go to a ph level and discount the link.

  1. We were talking about the granular stuff the interesting thing is that when you got panelized you know you can pretty much tell you had to update you know so you saw like you know in a moment in time when you can tell we just dipped so obviously we have been hit with penguin and we disappeared now we are looking at this kind of more granular you know demotion does that cause people to not be able to the evaluation does that cause people to not be able to see as easily when they are penalized.

Answer: They won’t be penalized that’s the major thing penguin doesn’t work or don’t panelize anymore doesn’t move it will just discard the incoming spam toward the site and it will just ignore the spam and that’s it no penalty no demotion and it works in real time.

  1. It seems like it’s almost like an entire solution I mean basically took a penalty figured out how to just solve the problem.

Answer: That’s why I think it’s one of the nicest web site lunches that we ever had pretty much

  1. Interesting so what do people need to know like to avoid having that now penguin I mean for people who don’t know how does penguin get applied to something.

Answer: The major thing major signal that thing when he is looking at these links basically  there are many or if there bad links and other kinds of single coming towards the site then it will just this garden and that’s what they need to know they can still see those links in search console and they can decide whether they want to be somehow or remove from the sites those wings.

  1. Will Marketing in this amount like I mean not know this about in the search console actually mark stop to figure it out you.

Answer: It is pretty easy usually the link that are affected by people in order penguin algorithm it is very easy to tell that they battling so for example if you go to a don’t know SEO directory for links .com then that would be a bad link very likely and profile pages forum profile pages typically those are also not that great because they were palace.

  1. there for a very slow there been an issue I mean don’t know if I have call it a big issue but there are some discussion about people doing kind of the toxic link campaigns trying to send you links to sites so then get them penalized does this essentially solve any kind of concern with that because now it would not really cause them to get penalized it would cause them to just kind of ignored right.

Answer: So first and foremost we haven’t seen a single case a single one where those toxic link campaigns work we spend tons of time with the ranking team looking at these cases and we haven’t seen a single one where we report but yes in theory this penguin release would take care of that.

  1. So even if people did you know a lot of times people are like all that’s what Google says but even if they want to believe that it is happening this would essentially solve it and delete that kind of concern. Anybody want to continue to follow the updates where are the places that they can fine what you are talking about your social accounts publications.

Answer: You are right so I am trolling a lot on twitter that’s my home base pretty much so you can follow me on twitter  under methods and an IBM and do we have our social channels for Google webmasters which is forget what it is you can find it on twitter also we had webmaster forums where we can ask questions you know.

Above this Interview we are fine to major thing which are

  • With this unleash of penguin, Google has been ready to attain one thing that hasn’t been done before with internet spam algorithms. Now, rather than demoting a web site for having unhealthy links inform thereto, penguin simply disregards the unhealthy links.
  • Another major variety with this version of penguin is it’s a lot of granular. Previously, if site spam issue was detected, the algorithmic program would break the complete web site. Now, penguin will assess websites all the way down to a page-level and discount links inform to it page if required.

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