How to Create Facebook Account Easily- Step By Step (with Pictures)

Facebook is the power of good communication friends and family. In this tutorial Facebook tips and trick I saw you how to make a facebook account easily.

Facebook now a day’s most used social network all over the world and the highest number of user use this social network that way a facebook account is very important for all Men. Facebook create 2004 Mark Zukerburg he is the CEO of face book. Facebook earn Million of dollar every year and also facebook sale her share. Facebook share price increase day by day.

Facebook tips is essential to every men because above this reason. Follow this article and in few minutes you will know how to create face book account proper way.

Make face book account step by step

I know this is so easy but some Men do not understand how to create face book account perfectly. So this article for your friend.

How to create Face book Account easily- step by step
How to create Face book Account easily- step by step

Step1- First Go to the facebook website or go to and search facebook. When you search than given below the facebook official site click this button .

How to create Face book Account easily- step by step
Face book Account Number verification easily- step by step

Step2-  Second click to create facebook account put down your fast and last name. Facebook Tips Then give your mail or phone number. if you want open email account than go to,,yahoo mail create a free email account and put down your mail id. Re-enter your phone or email address. Now give a strong password such as –upper and lower letter and also number (Nd4514@41). Put down your Real birthday Remember if you don’t give real birthday sometime face book verification your account then want birthday date so it is very important thing to give right birthday date. Then select the Gender and click creates account.

How to create Face book Account easily- step by step
Find Your friends to search email

Step3- This is important step because if you open phone Number account than some time face book want to verified your phone number than they are send a code you number give this code to facebook section and done. Then if you want find your friends and family to email search than write down your friends email and fine your friends and family. Now click the Next button.

How to create Face book Account easily- step by step
facebook Account Email verification

Step 4- All done now you go to facebook Home page. They want to verify email address click to confirm now. Go to your email address and click to face book confirmation link and you successfully open your face book account.

How to create Face book Account easily- step by step
Facebook account email confirm and run your account

Now you choose a nice profile and cover photo to upload .Go to about section and Wright down your ever Real information because your information find your friends and family so give Right information this is hidden face book tips to fine your friends and family.

When you Update your all information than post your fast facebook status and fine your friends and family and enjoy yourself. Chat your friends share your nice moment and watching to your friends post. Best facebook tips if you do not know any person don’t Request add friends and send only 30 friends request one day otherwise your account is temporary block to facebook. Any other tips you only 5000 friends accept than open follow section and every one follow you.

If you want you should download face book official app for Android & iOS This help to update any time and share your moment.


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