Best 10 New Android Apps of November 2016 !

App developers square measure pushing the cover on a everyday making an attempt to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In fact, such a large amount of android apps begin on a daily basis that it’s difficult to stay track of all of them. It’s difficult to usurp the most effective of the best however if you’re losing interest with what you’ve got and need to do one thing new, check out the Best new android apps from the last month !

Adobe Apps

[Price: Free (may need Adobe CC subscription)]


Adobe free 3 new apps within the month of November. the first was Photoshop Fix. This app enables you to retouch photos and it additionally comes with some restoration options. The second was Adobe Photoshop Sketch. because the name implies, this app offers you a range of tools to sketch and build original items of design that may then be ported to Adobe’s desktop apps. The last one is Adobe Comp CC. This one permits you to style wire frames exploitation pictures, text, shapes, and fonts. They’re all liberated to download, however you’ll want AN Adobe artistic Cloud subscription to use all of the features. Download This App Here

Android auto

[Price: Free]


Android auto was released to the planet this last month. it had been out before but just for a number of devices whereas this release is for just about everyone. It integrates android automobile directly into your device thus you won’t would like a wise automobile in order to use it. You’ll be able to to a basic set of tasks as well as checking and causing messages, navigation, and being attentive to music and playlists, and more. It still wants quite little bit of work. That said, it’s free and that we expect the platform to urge higher sooner instead of later. Download This App Here


[Price: Free / $2.99]


AutoTools may be a no-root extension for Tasker. It permits you to simply create some stuff in Tasker that might preferably be a trifle more tedious or troublesome. you’ll have it create toasts, badges, time calculations, and even gestures. AutoTools additionally has support for processing, Chrome Custom Tabs, a torch, and more. you’ll attempt the app out for free of charge for thirty days. After that, you’ll buy the app for $2.99.Download This App Here

Brave Browser

[Price: Free]


Brave Browser had truly been out for a minute. However, it had been re-re-branded as Link Bubble and a replacement Brave Browser was released in its place. This browser comes with integral ad-block also as a spread of safety features and battery optimizations to assist keep things running swimmingly. along side that, it supports the same old vary of options, as well as personal tabs, bookmarks, history, and more. It’s a reasonably tight little browser if you’re within the marketplace for one. Download This App Here

Fingerprint Gestures

[Price: Free / optional donation]


Fingerprint Gestures could be a fun little customization app. It permits you to use your fingerprint device as a kind of track pad. You’ll be able to assign gestures along side various faucet patterns to perform numerous tasks. for example, you’ll have it show your notifications if you swipe down. It looks to work well for the foremost half, though some devices have higher luck with it than others. It’s a free download therefore you’ll see if it works for you. You’ll want a device running android 6.0 marshmallow at the very least.Download This App Here

Learn How to Draw

[Price: Free / $0.99]


Learn How to Draw may be a simply named app that, to the surprise to nobody, helps teach you ways to draw. It features lessons for beginners, intermediates, and even some advanced lessons if you already recognize a bit bit regarding drawing. The tutorials were created by can Sliney who may be a known  magazine creator. There square measure many tutorials to go through. The app within reason priced and you’ll try it out for free of charge before you dropping the $0.99 to get the full version. Download This App Here

Microsoft Selfie

[Price: Free]


Microsoft Selfie may be a simple camera app that takes selfies. It options a really easy interface that permits you to get in, take your selfie, then send it wherever it needs to go. it’s an editing tool that helps you to move a slider back and forth. consistent with Microsoft, the slider is backed by technology that takes into account things like age, skin tone, gender, lighting, and alternative variables. It works pretty much if you would like something easy.    Download This App Here


[Price: Free]


PhotoScan is an app by Google that helps you port your actual images into your device. Basically, it’s a scanner app that you just use to scan your images. it’s a tool that allows you to outline the image therefore you’ll easily remove things just like the frame or any background that you just might get. Once it’s digital, you’ll back it up or post it to social media if you wish to. It takes a moment to get wont to, but otherwise it’s an easy app to use. It additionally works pretty much. Download This App Here

Pulse SMS

[Price: Free / Subscription / $10.99]


Pulse is an SMS application that also has cross-platform support. On its own, on one device, it functions sort of a easy SMS app. However, you’ll install it on your laptop, tablet, and other devices and synchronize your SMS between all of them. you’ll pay a continual monthly subscription for multiple device support otherwise you can purchase a lifetime license for $10.99 and not need to worry concerning it again. It works as good as though there are some bugs as you’d expect with a more recent app. It’s price a shot. Download This App Here


[Price: Free]


SnipBack is a voice recording app with some unique features. It gets the fundamentals right. you’ll record your voice, share or backup that recording, and recordings area unit listed by session for simple organization. However, the app additionally includes ground noise reduction and also the ability to record audio before the app starts running. It runs as a service and you’ll really recover the last 30 seconds of audio though you’re not recording. It works well enough, though running it as a relentless service may not forever be the most effective idea.     Download This App Here

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